Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Mega Fundraising
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Cruz Chocolate Bars

Cruz Chocolate Bars

Cruz Chocolate Bars
$1 Cruz Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

Thriving on more than 130 years of tradition in cocoa and chocolate production, Cruz and Mega Fundraising have established a program to introduce an assortment of delicious chocolate products to fundraising starting with the $1 bar.

  • Gorgeous Countertop Point of Purchase Display & Case Box
  • Vaccum & Crimp Sealed Wrappers for Longer Shelf Life
  • Nutritional & Allergen Info Included on Wrappers
  • Kosher Certified
  • Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
  • Free Entertainment® Savings Membership Card inside each case as a gift to families ($20 Value)
Create Your Own Variety Case
  • New option to customize your chocolate order!
  • Choose your favorite flavors and get your custom variety case!
  • Order Minimum Required

Cruz Chocolate Bars
Why Cruz Chocolate Fundraisers Work
  • Easy to sell and fun for the school/group.
  • Not available in vending machines or stores.
  • 6 tasty flavors.
  • 60 Chocolate Bars per Case:
    • 15 Cookies and Cream
    • 10 Milk Chocolate with Almonds
    • 10 Milk Chocolate with Caramel Toffee
    • 10 Milk Chocolate with Rice Crisps
    • 10 Milk Chocolate
    • 5 Dark Chocolate

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