Friday, September 18, 2020
Mega Fundraising
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Cheesecakes & Cookie Dough
Gourmet Cheesecakes

Our delicious 48 oz., 9" cheesecakes that melt in your mouth are delicious. Our custom blend of homemade ingredients guarantee that itís the best cheesecake you have ever had. Temptation comes in five amazing flavors. Thatís what youíd expect in a fine handmade cheesecake. It keeps in your freezer for 6 months, but it wonít last that long! Perfect any time, for any occasion.

  • Ready in minutes
  • 32, 1.25 oz. cookies per box
  • Straight from freezer to oven
  • Made from wholesome, premium ingredients. Our specially formulated vanilla and chocolate blends canít be found anywhere else.
  • Zero grams trans fats and Kosher Certified.
  • Place-and-bake dough for dozens of cookies, just like youíd find in our store.
  • Keep frozen for up to one year or refrigerate for up to two weeks.
  • Baked cookies can be warmed in the microwave for up to 10 seconds or a 375-degree oven for 1-2 minutes.
Mrs. Fields® Cookie Dough

Our irresistibly delicious cookies are made from Mrs. Fields® very own recipes. Our custom blend of vanilla and superior chocolate guarantee that itís the best cookie you have ever had.

Temptation comes in ten delicious flavors. Best of all, your group will share in a generous portion of the proceeds.