Friday, December 13, 2019
Mega Fundraising
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Ultra Fun Run
Ultra Fun Run
Custom Web-Based Pledging System

Ultra Fun Run utilizes a State-Of-The-Art web-based fundraising system that makes it fun and easy for students to request pledges from relatives and close family friends. Schools that use a professional full-service jog-a-thon company like Ultra Fun Run typically raise twice as much as schools who donít.

Ultra Fun Run builds a custom, professional jog-a-thon school website for each and every school.

Orbiter Digital Lap Counting System

Ultra Fun Run uses a digital lap counting system that requires no volunteers to track student laps. Using this system allows schools to concentrate on the most important aspect of the jog-a-thon; the students. Each student wears a wristband with a tag. Each time they run through the Ultra Fun Run Archway a digital sensor auto-counts their laps. This information is tracked by time, # of laps, by teacher or almost any way you can dream up, we can program in your parameter. Fast set-up and accurate. Best part is no need for volunteers! Ultra Fun Run sets up your track, the beautiful archway, MCís the event with fun music and even programs in all your needed jog-a-thon information.

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