Friday, December 13, 2019
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Yankee Candle Fundraising - Easy and Profitable!
Yankee Candle
Easier for you to raise funds!

By promoting high-quality, value priced, branded products that are backed by a name that is trusted and make your supporters happy. People are tired of supporting fundraisers that offer products that are over-priced that they can purchase at a local retail outlet for much less. Over 150 items to choose from priced from $6.00 to $28.00. Choosing Yankee CandleŽ Fundraising will give your supporters a product that they recognize, trust and will be proud to give as a gift or a treat for themselves. Our products are priced comparable to our retail stores and your group earns 40% profit.

Easy to run!

There are no materials costs to you, no order minimums, we tally all orders, ship each sellers orders with their names on their box, have a customer portal for our chairperson to understand how the sale worked and a 21 Day Service Guarantee that states we will provide 5% additional profit if we do not ship within 21 days after we receive your order.

Easy to wrap up your sale!

Our Customer Service Center is open 7 days a week and we make it easier for you and your parents to resolve any issues you may have. Yankee CandleŽ Fundraising will deal directly with your sellers, shipping any missing or damaged items straight to their home. We do everything we can to let your job end at delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions
Customer Feedback

"I especially appreciate how your company ships candles in individual boxes based on the individual orders."
-- N.H.

"The Yankee CandleŽ Fund-Raiser was the most effortless and profitable fund-raiser we have had and we look forward to our next Yankee CandleŽ sale scheduled for this fall."
-- S.B.

"... I'm VERY pleased with the outcome of this fundraiser! ... never, in a million years, thought we would sell that much product! ... Thanks again for your products, catalogs, and overall ease of fundraising. As someone who hates fundraising, I loved this one and the results my group received in the end."
-- P.W.

Do we have to be a large group?

We are here to help groups of all sizes reach their fundraising goals.

Why should I choose Yankee Candle?

Yankee CandleŽ Fundraising offers you a nationally recognized brand that supporters of your group will trust and want to buy. Prices are comparable to those in Yankee CandleŽ retail stores. We have gifts that your supporters will want to give and receive across all price ranges.

How long does it take to get started?

You can start as soon as you receive your brochures. Call us at 786-287-1232 to order your brochures today. Our knowledgable and helpful staff are available to help you with any questions you may have.

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