Saturday, September 25, 2021
Mega Fundraising
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American’s Magazine Fundraising Company

Mega Fundraising Corporation is an agent of American Publishers. Together, we have worked in the fundraising industry and cultivated many satisfied customers.

Why not see what Mega Fundraising and American Publishers can do for you and your organization? Please see below all the programs & brochures we offer.

Select a Magazine Program that fits your Needs!

Traditional Edition

Eight out of 10 households in the United States purchase magazines each year. Whatever the interest, American Publishers has a selection of over 850 magazines offers plus Digital Subscriptions and Magazine Gift Cards to help sustain consistent and profitable sales year after year.

Family & Faith Edition

A Family & Faith version of our catalog is also available. There are approximately 120 titles removed from this version which makes it appropriate for use in very conservative schools/organizations.


By combining cutting-edge technology with a progressive marketing approach, American Publishers has established itself as the industry leader for online sales! Whether integrated into a traditional magazine program to create incremental sales or offered as a customized stand-alone program, American Publishers has the perfect web solution.


This program allows students the ease of offering a purchase opportunity to out-of-town friends and relatives without ever having to call, collect or distribute anything. The students simply fill out the easy-to-use email form and we take care of the rest. Adding SubNet to any existing program can provide up to 25% more profit without any additional selling.

Magazine Rally

We offer these two great programs which can expand your product offering. Contact us for more details.