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Introducing Funderworks

Our patented online technology is easy, fun and increases sales.

Kids can create avatars, record unique messages and create personalized storefronts. Email friends & family, share on social media - promote it everywhere to maximize results!

Create Your Funderworks Marketplace with Magazines PLUS New Products

By combining cutting-edge technology with a progressive marketing approach, FunderWorks has established itself as the industry leader for online sales! Whether integrated into a traditional magazine program to create incremental sales or offered as a customized stand-alone program, FunderWorks has the perfect online sales and support solution. Our SubNet program allows students the ease of offering a purchase opportunity to out-of-town friends and relatives without ever having to call, collect or distribute anything. The students simply fill out the easy-to-use email form and we take care of the rest. Adding SubNet to any existing program can provide up to 25% more profit without any additional selling.

Exciting Programs

Magazines & E-Books

  • Great selection of 500+ offers so there's something for everyone
  • Free shipping!
  • Encourages reading & learning

Nuts & Chocoltes

Everyone's favorite treats and tasty snacks conveniently shipped to customers.

Gift Zone

Gift wrap, jewelry, shelf stable cookie dough, kitchenware and so many more items shipped directly to customers

Available Files

Funderworks Nuts & Chocolate Flyer 2023-24
Funderworks Gift Zone Flyer 2023-24
Funderworks 2023-24 Catalog
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