Sunday, July 25, 2021
Mega Fundraising
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Promotional Events

Mega Fundraising provides a variety of promotional incentives to schools and groups, which in turn makes the whole fundraising experience fun and exciting. We also offer great “teacher incentives” which motivates the teachers to talk to their children about raising much needed funds for their school.

BMX Bike Event
This is the top requested event! The BMX Bike Event is offered to schools as an incentive prize and it has been a real winner among students and teachers alike. Mega Fundraising actually contracts out stunt teams to come to schools and perform amazing stunt shows right on their very own campus. The BMX team comes complete with posters and T-shirts which are handed out to the top selling students.


Mega Event
Mega Event is essentially a 2 to 4 hour in-school party whereby 4 to 5 inflatable games, and a DJ, are provided to students who reach a certain number of items sold from the catalog. We also provide this incentive to groups to use as a “one time fundraiser” at school events such as School Carnivals, Senior Picnics, 5th & 8th Grade end-of-the-year parties, United Way Campaign, etc. with soaring success.


Character Parties
Mega Fundraising caters to the latest and greatest in the movie world, especially when it comes to parties! For top selling classes, or grades, a movie themed party would be provided showcasing the latest movie craze. Drinks, snacks and stickers makes the party even more enjoyable. Movie themed parties in the past have included “Ice Age”, Shrek”, and “Madagascar”. These character parties are fun time for all… who doesn’t love a party?

Character Party  Character Party  Character Party  Character Party

Prize Incentives
For purposes of increasing student participation among classes, grades, or even school wide, Mega Fundraising offers individual prize sheets that will knock your socks off! They offer great prizes for students such as Gift Cards (Visa, American Express, iTunes, Department Stores, & Restaurants), Video Games & Gadgets (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and iPod), Computers (Desktop, Laptop, Netbooks, & iPads), Cash Prizes, TV's and Toys.

Prize Incentives  Prize Incentives  Prize Incentives  Prize Incentives

Teacher Incentives
We all know how children look up to their parents and teachers. What better way to reward out teachers for their enthusiasm and encouragement to get their children to raise money than with a Restaurant & Visa Gift Certificates, Spa Day Packages and even vacation trips. It just our big way of saying “Thank you!”

Teacher Incentives  Teacher Incentives  Teacher Incentives  Teacher Incentives